Kaliz Facial Steamer (4 in 1)

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Product Description

Kaliz Facial Steamer is a high-quality warm steam facial sauna that open pores, removes dirty particles,
bacteria and make-up residue. It leaves the skin soft and silky immediately after use. It provides you a spa-treatment
at home. It is also helpful for easing congestion and other similar conditions. Easy to clean with no-slip base. You can
also add your favorite aroma oils for great results.

Kaliz Facial Steamer is used for the full face that is ideal for intensive skin care and inhalation as well.
It opens the unclogs pores and removes oil, dirt or makeup from it. It melts away dead skin and gives you smooth
skin in very less time. It has an adjustable steam level, which quickly heats the water. Kaliz Facial Steamer is great
for deep cleaning of skin and unclogging sinuses. Simply breathe the steam and you will get instant relief from blocked nose. You can add essential oil in the container for perfect results. Softens the cuticles, restores your

smooth and delicate skin and improves its nutritional absorbency as well