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Product Description

Mash the ingredients in bowl
Picker Fork – plastic fork use to pick fruits and other
Avocado Scoop- use to scoop out cleanly as a whole the divided avocado
Citrus Cutter- use to make a gap to the citrus skin for easy peeling
Apple Cutter- Cut apple into 8 equal parts
Grater- Use to pulverize apple, fresh ginger and peels of citrus
Mesh Cutter- Used to cut soft ingredients like kiwi fruits, strawberries and bananas
Grapefruit Squeezer- Used to squeeze juice from big fruit of citrus like grapefruits
Lemon Squeezer- Used to squeeze juice from small fruit of citrus like lemon
Bowl- Container where lemon squeezer, grapefruit squeezer, grater and mesh cutter are place