Coco Phone Retro Handset Receiver

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About this product- Coco Phone, Pop Phone Retro Smartphone Handset
About this Product
Combining old school style with new school technology, this handset is the perfect cool accessory for your iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone.
Simply connect it to your phones 3.5mm audio jack and you will be able to relive the good old days
Enjoy the classic feeling of twirling the telephone receiver cord around your fingers as you chat happily with your family and friends. But there’s moreQ
Buttons/switches : Press Call button
Volume Control : Yes
Adapter Required : No
Reduce 96% of radiation you get from mobile phones
Supports all smartphones
Super functioning speakers
Only works with 3-channel 3.5mm audio jacks
Made for the iPhone, but also supports other Android smartphones or iPad, iPad 2