All Open Kitchen Tool

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Product Description

All Open is a uniquely designed kitchen opener with multiple functions. There are two tools to open bottles: a standard bottle opener, and a ridged bottle gripper, which fits over bottle caps and can be twisted.

With jars, All Open allows you to slightly stretch the cap to release the air pressure, much the way some people do with a knife or fork – although this seems to be an easier and safer method.

All Open 8-in-1 Kitchen Tool Multi Purpose Opener

In addition to openers, there are also a couple of features which allow you to store or save beverages, such as a wine cork or can topper.

Our evaluation of All Open gives it positive marks. It performs mostly as claimed, and does in fact replace several standard kitchen tools. Its attractive design allows for display, rather than being tossed in a drawer. Our only “con” may be that it is made entirely of plastic, and long-term durability is of a concern.

All Open 8-in-1 Kitchen Tool Multi Purpose Opener?


8 openers in one
Jar opener, cork screw, foil cutter,opens screw caps, bottle cap opener, tab lift for cans
Dishwasher safe