Samsung Power Bank Fast Charge 10200mAh

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Product Description

Quickly charge your mobile devices while your on the go with the 10,200mAh Fast Charge Battery Pack from Samsung. This portable, rechargeable lithium-ion battery contains 10,200mAh of charging capacity and has a single USB Type-A charging port for all your USB devices. With Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 and Samsung Fast Charge, the Fast Charge Battery pack can provide up to 50% charge in just 30 minutes. Other non-quick and fast-charge devices will instead default to the fastest charging speed available for your device.
Quick Charge 2.0 Support
Unlike conventional USB charging methods, a Quick Charge 2.0 end-to-end solution takes advantage of higher power levels to quickly and effectively charge devices. For a list of QC2.0-enabled devices,
Pass Through Charging
Charge the battery pack and a device connected to the battery pack overnight with pass-through charging. When a device is attached to the battery pack and the battery pack is being charged from a power outlet, the device will be charged to 100% first and then the battery pack will begin to charge.
Status Monitoring
The Fast Charge Battery Pack has 4 LED indicators that display remaining charge when the status button next to the light is pressed. The LEDs also light up when the battery pack is charging and blink to indicate how close the battery is to being fully charged.
*size (W x H x D) : 77mm x 104mm x 23 mm
*Weight : 290 g
*cable length : 0.2m
*Capacity : 10200mAh
*Typical Capacity (Normal Charge) : 6700 mAh, 33.5 Wh
*Typical Capacity (Fast Charge) : 3550 mAh, 31.95 Wh
*Input & Output Voltage : 5V (Max, Normal charge), 9V (max, Fast Charge)
*Input * Output Current : 2A (Max, Normal Charge), 1.67A (max, Fast Charge)