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Product Description

Solid and durable ABS Plasticasing
Automatic sensor
Outstanding performance controlled technology and an infrared sensor circuit
Dries hands quickly every time
Overheat and surge protection
Auto-stop function ensures safety

This electric hand dryer adopts infrared sensor for automatic activation. It is hygienic and convenient to use. Low noise, high rotation speed and drying capacity. The electric hand dryer can be perfectly used in toilet or bathroom.

Smart Infrared Sensor

Put the hand near the Infrared light, then the air will come out via the air outlet. The automatic hand dryer will auto shut off when hands removed.

Hot Air Hand Dryer

large air outlet, strong wind motor, high speed, big wind, fast drying effect.

Multiple Protection

Overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, overload protection, short circuit protection, safe and reliable.

Suitable for Most Places

This electric hand dryer can be used at hotel, salon, home, hospitals, restaurants etc.